Suzanne Churchill


My primary field of research is modernist poetry and periodicals. I've written a book called "The Little Magazine 'Others' & the Renovation of Modern American Poetry"; co-edited with Adam McKible a volume entitled "Little Magazines & Modernism: new approaches"; and published articles on modernist periodicals, poetry, and pedagogy in various scholarly journals and edited collections. Adam and I are currently collaborating on a study of African American modernist periodical culture, and I've also recently begun to collaborate with undergraduates on several projects. Because collaboration is at the heart of my work, digital humanities provides an ideal arena for both research and publication.

In addition to modernist poetics and periodicals, I am interested in literature and the visual arts, and teach courses on texts that combine words and images, and that ask students to conduct both critical analysis and creative production. Here again, digital humanities offers an ideal arena for such pursuits, in this case because the costs of reproducing digital texts are relatively low, while the design possibilities are great.

I think Nicholas Carr is smart, witty, and fun to read. I just learned how to play "Bananagrams" and like brain-teasing games such as "Set." I also enjoy relaxing my mind with yoga.